White Papers on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

As a result of the 2014 International Symposium on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, eight white papers and an introductory white paper were written and were published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The first drafts of the papers are also available on the 2014 ISCMP website.

Intro. White Paper: Achieving Continuous Manufacturing

White Paper 1: Technologies and Approaches for Synthesis Work-Up and Isolation of Drug Substance

White Paper 2: Achieving Continuous Manufacturing for Final Dosage Formation: Challenges and How to Meet Them

White Paper 3: Regulatory and Quality Considerations for Continuous Manufacturing

White Paper 4: Continuous Bioprocessing

White Paper 5: Equipment and Analytical Companies Meeting Continuous Challenges

White Paper 6: Control Systems Engineering in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

White Paper 7: Future Supply Chains Enabled by Continuous Processing - Opportunities and Challenges

White Paper 8: How Development and Manufacturing Will Need to be Structured – Heads of Development/Manufacturing